Male officers are not allowed to work 1 on 1 unsupervised in a female prison , but female officers are. Prison is not the place for double standards like that. Easy fix. Lets see how many decades it takes to correct this no-brainer. Woman dont rape men , but when given athority, and there is 1 female for 500 men making endless advances, its unfair to her and her husband, children, parents, everyone involved.
Ive had supervisors assign 3 male officers to 1 dormitory . And 3 female officers to another all male dorm. Instead of mixing … Just because there is no rules. People become complacent, no common sense folks. Female officers at one time did have the same rules as a male officer by being escorted everywhere especially cell areas , but someone thought it best to save money by downsizing the # of c.O.S per shift … (thanks jeb busch) and not enough employees to escort females officers ..Leaving them vulnerable. Its resulted in rape, death, escapes, in my prison alone, while i worked there.And breaches in security of the institution as a whole. If i were a lawyer id sue the pants every prison who allowed these female officers to be subjected to work 1 on 1 with these sleazebags , not providing equal security, so she couldnt be mentally raped which would have prevented this entire situation. We need to use common sense people. Its not that difficult. Where i live the prison is the only paying job with benefits, woman need to be protected, its our moms, sisters, wife’s ,daughters , many don’t have a choice to work elsewhere. All employees of opposite sex should ever be left out of sight with inmates…..Period. To protect everyone involved. Easy, easy, easy. No brainer.